Godfre and Lotus, I AM Messengers

Guy and Edna Ballard served as the Messengers for the I AM Movement. They held the spiritual office of the Two Witnesses before Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. After their transition they ascended as Godfre and Lotus. Godfre was first contacted by Saint Germain in the 1930s, to bring the teachings of the I AM, and the awareness of the violet flame to America and the world. As a result of their service, thousands of people offered the violet flame. Godfre made his ascension in 1939 and you can read more about him here.



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Edna continued her service as a messenger for many years after her husband's ascension. She was affectionately called Mama Ballard by her students and used the pen name, Lotus Ray King. She was severely persecuted, wrongly indicted and even sentenced to a year in prison, which was later suspended. in her great love for Saint Germain and the cause of freedom, she endured the lies and hatred that was directed against her and her work. Edna made her ascension in 1971 and became the the ascended lady master Lotus. Previous to this embodiment, Lotus was embodied as Benjamin Franklin, Elizabeth I of England and mother of Francis Bacon and Saint Joan of Arc.


Rex and Nada, Bob and Pearl

Rex, Nada, Bob and Pearl are ascended master youth who lived in the United States in the twentieth century. Together, they serve the youth of the world by drawing forth the threefold flame of life from the white-fire core of every atom and cell in the being of man.

In their final embodiment, Rex and Nada Rayborn were brother and sister, and Bob and Pearl Singleton were also brother and sister. When the four came together, Saint Germain revealed that Bob and Nada were twin flames, and the Rex and Pearl were twin flames.

Rex served as a teacher of truth, a famous scientist and a military leader in many lifetimes. Pearl served in the Temple of Light on Atlantis and was a teacher of truth for many lifetimes. Nada was embodied as a mogul emperor in India, as a high priestess in Egypt and had also served with her twin flame on Atlantis. Bob served under George Washington during the American Revolution.

The four were embodied together during the life of Enoch. They tell the story of how they were unruly youth who threw stones at the “old man” as he was kneeling before an angel. Enoch prayed profoundly for them and became their sponsor. As an ascended master, Enoch gave them many initiations lifetime after lifetime, including the physical trial by fire. Three of the four were thrown in an actual furnace while in physical embodiment. They were Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, whose story is in the Bible. The fourth received the initiation on inner planes.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had so accelerated their physical vibration in prior incarnations that they were unsinged. Having passed that initiation long ago, the master Saint Germain received them as candidates for a physical ascension in their final incarnation. The story is told in The Magic Presence.

When a physical ascension takes place, the body is transformed and replaced by the light body of the higher self. The soul becomes permanently clothed with this light body, called “deathless solar body,” without the earth body having to go through the change called death.

Physical ascensions are a rare exception, as the candidate must have balanced ninety-five to one hundred percent of their karma. Still, Saint Germain wanted to leave a record of that possibility for souls who would follow in the footsteps of these four during the next two thousand years.

As ascended masters, Rex, Nada, Bob and Pearl assist the youth of the world. They enlist our help in creating focuses of light that will appeal to young people, to draw their souls unto their own God-presence. In 1989, the four announced during a dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet that they had come from Venus with a mandala of twenty-five thousand ascended master youth to sponsor and raise up the children of earth. These masters serve in the Retreat of the Divine Mother and we can call for their help with our children and with young people everywhere.



Daniel and Nada Rayborn

Daniel and Nada Rayborn were the parents to Rex and Nada, whose story was shared by Godfre in The Magic Presence. Nada was a student of Lady Master Nada, and a great opera singer both before and after her ascension. saint Germain first came to her at the beginning of her career and touched her forehead with the fingers of his right hand, when she was suffering from extreme stage-fright. Instantly, she calmed down and gave a most splendid performance. Through her singing she could part the veil between heaven and earth. when it came time for Nada to work on inner levels, Saint Germain told her he would look after her children. After her passing, a group of twelve beings of light, similar to what Dannion Brinkley experienced, surrounded her and taught her how to raise the atomic structure of her physical body into the “pure electronic body.” Nada described this process:

“I became more and more aware of blazing light filling my entire body.... I felt the most marvelous radiant energy surge in and through me, sweeping away every vestige of resistance and imperfection and quickening my consciousness. I became more and more aware of my Mighty I AM Presence until finally it stood before me visible, tangible and very real. Steadily and powerfully, I felt my physical body drawn into and enveloped by my glorious God-self, and when I stepped out of the cemetery, I could scarcely realize how transcendent I had become.” Following her ascension, Nada was able to visit her family from the ascended state through the intercession of Saint Germain.

Saint Germain met Daniel Rayborn and described him as “very pleasant, for his whole attitude was one of harmony and kindliness, and at the same time, I felt that he was a man of strong character with a keen sense of honor.” After several years, Saint Germain instructed Daniel that he would soon be making his ascension. Saint Germain took Daniel, along with his children Rex and Nada, and Godre to the Cave of Symbols, an ascended master retreat that has a physical entrance in the vicinity of Table Mountain, Wyoming. The master had Daniel sit in the atomic accelerator chair, which was aglow with currents of light. This raised the atomic structure of his body and he received a life-extension. A year later, Daniel returned to the Cave of Symbols and for several days, prepared for his ascension. In a dictation that he gave in 1963, Daniel described the process he experienced. He said,

“Oh, the glory and the surge of power, the supreme blessing, the contact with the angelic host! But, above all, was the great feeling of union with one's own Mighty I AM Presence....I became aware of regions of cosmos not even thought of or conceived of by me before. And I felt a kinship with wonderful individual minds and hearts, a reunion with those whom I had long suffered absence from. I knew on the instant that nothing in this world was significant or worthy of anything by comparison to the ascension....The final thought that passed through my mind as I rose up into the great light to be absorbed was , 'Oh, if only I could tell them!'

This is the desire that we of the ascended hosts feel—to reach down into human consciousness, with all of its density, its almost suffocating outer conditions and to say, 'Oh, do put all that you have into your search for your divinity that yo might receive the blessing of the ascension at the conclusion of this life.'”

In the same dictation, Daniel taught us whenever we are burdened, to say three times with conviction: “This too shall pass. The light of God never fails!”



David Lloyd


David Lloyd was someone who, after fifty years of continuous searching amidst great trials, met Godfre Ray King on Mount Shasta. When Godfre offered him a drink from a nearby spring, a crystal cup formed in the messenger's hand, filled with a sparkling elixir that Saint Germain had previously offered Godfre. David then told Godfre the story of his life, and Godfre called to Saint Germain and to his own Mighty I AM Presence to be of some assistance to David. Another chalice formed in his hand filled with living, liquid light. David drank the elixir and his youth returned. Following this he rose from the ground into his ascension in the light.

By making the call to help David, Godfre passed his initiation and rose in service as a messenger, having directly contributed to David's physical ascension. This event teaches us that we are all keys to one another's victory. We must all be alert to affirm, uphold and serve that victory in one another. in so doing, we will all rise up the ladder of initiation together and with each other's help. This is the true meaning of the Great White Brotherhood.



Alexander Gaylord

Alexander Gaylord ascended in 1937 after having served in the Cosmic Secret Service, a team of unascended and ascended masters who work undercover to bring about positive change in the affairs of nations. Godfre recounts meeting Alexander Gaylord on a ship heading for Europe in the book, The Magic Presence.

Today, Alexander Gaylord works alongside his twin flame, Lady Master Leto, as an emissary of peace and freedom to mankind, and he occasionally manifests a physical body to accomplish his missions. Alexander Gaylord also teaches classes in the Department of Cosmic Psychology and Geopolitical Studies at the Royal Teton Retreat. He teaches about how to overcome the nefarious forces at work in the world and their manipulation of the masses. He and Leto also share a special service for the youth and they both also serve at the Retreat of the Master of Paris.



Ascended Students from the I AM Movement

Many students ascended from the I AM movement including these ones who whose names were published in I AM Publications:

Lady Master Becky
Betty Mundy
Mr. and Mrs. Blackman
Dick Emery
Earl Thomas
Mr Milson
Mr. and Mrs. Trommer

Charles Sindelar

Charles Sindelar ascended from the I AM movement. He is remembered for painting these timeless focuses of the Master Jesus and the Master Saint Germain, who appeared to him so he could accomplish their portraits.

J.C. Penney

Students of the I AM movement were told that the founder of the stores, J.C. Penney had made his ascension, and had always conducted his business in a most ethical way. The slogan for the J.C. Penney Stores, “It's all inside,” is actually a double-entendre with a spiritual glyph.

Nada Darling

Nada Potter was a young child who embodied to show the example of an “ascended master youth” lifestyle. She ascended in August 1942 in Chicago and was about ten years old. She was affectionately called “Nada Darling" both before and after her ascension, and was called the “Fourth Nada,” for the four lady masters who bear the same name.

Otto Shneider

Otto was the Chicago Youth group leader for the I AM Movement until he made His Ascension. He volunteered to resign from this position when he was 33, to give a younger person the opportunity, but Mrs. Ballard asked him to continue because Beloved Saint Germain thought he was doing a good job.

Otto was also an excellent pianist and organist and played for the Thursday evening group meetings in Chicago. The group customarily sang a song called “The Ascension” as a meditation before listening to the recording of an ascended master dictation. One particular evening, the group leader asked Otto to play the peace as an instrumental contemplation.

As Otto was driving some senior ladies home after the meeting, he kept saying, “I think I must have ruined my good white suit coat because I was sweating so profusely when I played that contemplation music.”

The next evening, when Otto didn't show up for the normal Youth Group meeting, some students went to his house. They found the piece of music for “The Ascension” open on the music rack of Otto's piano. His body was still dressed in his white suit, and his body was laying face up on top of the bed coverings. His arms were by the sides of his head, as though he had been reaching up and his face had the expression of a very happy smile!

Otto's photograph is displayed in the Youth Sanctuary at the “I AM” Temple in Chicago.