Cosmic Beings are ascended masters whose attainment is so great that it is said to ensoul an entire cosmos.


The Cosmic Beings of Faith, Hope and Charity

The three cosmic beings who bear these names work with the Archeia Faith, Hope and Charity to release their virtues to the people of earth. Their spiritual support contributes to every advance in science, art and civilization. These three divine beings each anchor a ray of their momentum into the heart chalice and threefold flame of every soul evolving on earth.

Hope, anchored through the yellow plume springs forth as a fount of eternal illumination. Faith, anchored through the blue plume, is the divine power that saves those who dare to believe. Charity is the boundlessness of divine love, anchored in the finite chalice of our being. Through this action of light, these three cosmic beings assist us in balancing and expanding our threefold flame, until our heart and auric field attain the frequency of the resurrection flame, whereby we earn our immortal freedom and ascend home to God.

©Marius Michael George.

Cosmic Being Out of the Great Silence

This cosmic being braces our hearts in a chalice formed of crystal light. He assists us in anchoring the energy of light of the spirit cosmos, consuming the darkness that would assail it. He gave a dictation in 1987 to students in Chicago, to help them guard the heart and hold the balance for that city as the spiritual heart of America.

Mighty Cosmos

Mighty Cosmos is a being whose self-awareness of God embraces all of cosmos. He focuses his rays through the pure quartz crystal. In his service, Mighty Cosmos helps restore earth to its original pitch in the music of the spheres, by attuning it to the hum of creation.

In 1939, Mighty Cosmos anchored a secret ray focusing the energies of Alpha into the North Pole and a secret ray focusing the energies of Omega into the South Pole. Then in 1973, he released all five secret rays to help earth come into alignment with the divine blueprint for a golden age of Aquarius.

Mighty Cosmos ensouls the five secret rays of God locked in the secret chamber of our heart. He serves us individually by enfolding the light and life force that descends into our heart through a filigree thread from our higher self. He charges this crystal cord with the divine pattern of our lifestream before we can misqualify the energy, superimposing upon it the memory of our divine plan that magnetizes our soul back to God.


Great Silent Watchers

The Great Silent Watchers are angels and cosmic beings who sustain the immaculate concept and divine blueprint for the entire Matter cosmos. From the inner silence of the Holy of holies, they watch over us and help us to precipitate the outer manifestation of our divine design. They guard the purity of the Christ image out of which our soul was created and magnetize her back to her original divine estate.

Keeper of the Scrolls

The Keeper of the Scrolls is a cosmic being in charge of the akashic records of this galaxy. The akashic records are the book of life, the divine memory of everything that transpires in life. Edgar Cayce, Taylor Caldwell, and Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet are among those who were able to read the akashic records.

The Keeper of the Scrolls is assisted by many recording angels, so that a record is made of every jot and tittle of energy that passes through us, and what we do with it. This includes our actions, as well as all of the words, thoughts and feelings that we allow to pass through us. The Keeper of the Scrolls maintains an extensive library so that the Lords of Karma and other ascended masters may review the record of a lifestream at any time, especially when that lifestream petitions for new spiritual opportunities, and additional grants and dispensations of light.

The Keeper of the Scroll encourages us to use the violet flame and explains that by special dispensation of cosmic law, those who use the violet flame faithfully have an erasing action that takes place on their scrolls whereby their negative karma is removed almost as soon as it is created (unless they abuse the gift and refuse to make progress.) He himself uses the violet flame to erase from his consciousness all that he has read about the record of an individual that was not in keeping with divine law.

At the close of each lifetime, when the soul passes before the Karmic Board, the keeper of the scrolls or one of his assistants reads the record of the lifestream. When an individual creates so much negative karma over a number of lifetimes that his opportunity must come to a close, the Keeper of the Scrolls reads that record before the Court of the Sacred Fire before the soul passes through the second death.

When a soul has fulfilled the requirements for the ascension, the Keeper of the Scrolls, together with the Holy Christ Self, reads all of the accomplishments of that individual in celebration for meritorious service to life. Then,he places into the sacred fire all of the records of mortal involvement that had bound the soul to earth so there remains only the record of eternal perfection. The ascended soul then goes forth to evolve in the heaven world in the fullness of the image and likeness of God.



The word “Maximus” means “God is Great.” Maximus is a cosmic being who includes in his self-awareness numberless numbers of cosmic beings. He is the flow of the energy of the Buddha and the Mother in a figure-eight pattern. His service is the kindling light of worlds in the center of Elohim, in the center of the flaming Yod of the Yod He Vav He.

Maximus sends forth a rippling light that strikes a chord of love and resounds in each heart. This is the sound by which worlds are framed, by which the Luciferian construct is dissolved, and by which the light of Cosmic Christ expands. Maximus is the authority for the Maxim Light that blazed upon the altar of Incalithlon, the great central temple of Atlantis. We can apply to Maximus to receive that Maxim Light again. The requirement is to not resist the fullness of the Will of God that abides within that Light. We can also call upon Maximus to maximize our prayers and calls to the hosts of the Lord, and to multiply our victories though the fire of his heart.


Muses is a cosmic being and a great musician who set to order the thoughts of God through universal harmony. He is the patron of art, music and poetry. He assists us to draw forth the majestic power of the universe in our creative endeavors, that we might experience the joy, the love and the harmony that pours forth from his thoughts and also contribute to the great Law of the One.

Spirit of the Resurrection

The Spirit of the Resurrection is a cosmic being who fully manifests the mother-of-pearl radiance of the resurrection spirit. Each Easter, he brings to us the new life of spiritual regeneration and an awareness of the final victory over death and hell. He embodies the solar fire of God that compels all life to rise to higher levels of consciousness. He compels us to dissolve our human consciousness in the sacred fire. He lends us his support as we go through the crucifixion, the initiatic process by which our carnal mind and human sense of mortality must be put to death and buried. This challenging process is a must if ere we can enter in to the glory of the resurrection. It is the fiery trial by which we lay down the old man and put on the new. An outer ritual of the resurrection was reenacted for centuries within the Great Pyramid of Luxor and precede every ascension. The Spirit of the Resurrection is the intelligence contained within that fiery trial, that ultimately becomes our flaming victory.


Queen of Light

The Queen of Light focuses the crystal fire mist and the crystal sword from her retreat over the Island of Sicily. Wherever she goes, she directs light rays through a crystal prism. Her legions of light wield the crystal sword through the densest of human creation, clearing our auric fields from all that does not reflect the purity of the mind of Christ. Her consciousness is at the point of interchange where matter becomes spirit and where spirit becomes matter. This is the razor's edge of Christ realization.

The Queen of Light urges us to take under our wing, so to speak, the children and youth of the world who are under such heavy attack by the forces of darkness. She asks us keep a vigil for the Christ child in every heart and to claim these children for the light before they are even born. We can call to her and to her legions to clear a pathway of light over which the golden age children might come into being and help raise the earth into higher levels of consciousness.


Polaris and Magnus

Polaris and Magnus are cosmic beings and twin flames who govern and control the axis of the earth. Polaris is a masculine being who governs the North Pole and Magnus is a feminine being who controls the South Pole. We can call to these beings, as well as to Cuzco, Mighty Cosmos and the legions of the violet flame, to help redress the earth's axis in preparation for the ushering in of a Golden Age of Aquarius. We can decree for a mighty spiritual transmutation whereby earth experiences a minimum of cataclysmic events, adverse climate changes and loss of life.


Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas is cosmic being of great light and buddhic attainment, who comes to announce the birth of the Christ in the darkest hour of the year. He is the spiritual being behind the personage of Santa Claus. This cosmic being fills the hearts of the people with the anticipation of the greatest gift of all, which is the gift of personal Christhood. He is at the heart of all gift-giving, bringing the true joy of the heart filled with love. He also embodies the collective consciousness of Christhood of the entire spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, of all ascended beings, angels, masters and cosmic Hosts of the Lord who are that Christ.



Sri Magra

Sri Magra was the Lord of the World before Sanat Kumara and one of the wisest masters of old. He has moved on to cosmic service.




Sponsors of Youth

Spirit of Selflessness from the Great Central Sun

Mighty Victory

Vulcan, God of Fire

God Harmony

Goddess of Purity

Goddess of Light

Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth

God Harmony

Goddess of Freedom

Fortuna, Goddess of Supply

Goddess of Liberty

Virgo and Pelleur

Snow King and Snow Queen