The elementals are beings of fire, air, water and earth, who bring great assistance to mankind by tending the forces of nature. Unlike the angelic and christed evolutions, the elemental evolution evolves into a denser and denser manifestation. The salamanders, who are beings of fire, evolve into sylphs, who are beings of air. Then the sylphs evolve into undines, who are beings of water, and the undines evolve into gnomes, who are beings of the earth element.

Through meritorious service to mankind, gnomes gain the opportunity to earn a threefold flame and graduate into the christed evolution, where they incarnate as human beings. They can also cross over into the angelic evolution, where they first serve as fairies.

Elementals from all of the kingdoms can occupy animal bodies. Bears, for example, often have the spirit of a trapped salamander, who seeks to discharge their energy through the animal's aggressive behavior. Dogs like Saint Bernards, horses, dolphins and whales tend to embody the highest light. Whales are animals of the Holy Spirit who transmit cosmic light rays to all life upon earth.




The Densification of Earth

The elementals of fire, air, water and earth were created to reflect and expand the joy, the beauty and the harmony that was inherent in nature. During the first three root races, earth was actually a transparent sphere of light, pure as crystal with rainbow hues. As earth became more and more burdened by the negative thoughts and feelings of mankind, it became formed of grosser and grosser matter that took on the browns, olives and and other colors not conducive to the light. Whereas in past golden ages, the weather was always a pleasant subtropical climate, over time, the elementals started to discharge mankind's negative energy through cataclysmic events like floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and mudslides. Because elementals naturally fall under the dominion of mankind, some do become trapped by black magicians for great destructive purposes. We can liberate these imprisoned elementals by calling to Archangel Michael and to the Elohim Astrea to cut them free.



Violet Flame for Elemental Life

The most important service we can render to the elementals is to invoke the violet flame and the resurrection flame on their behalf. We do this in the name of Jesus, in the name of the Maha Chohan and in the name of the elemental hierarchs. These ascended masters work closely with elemental life and direct spiritual energy to transmute the burdens upon them, restoring in them hope for a better tomorrow. We can also ask that our pets and other elementals who have rendered us a great service be granted a threefold flame so they can earn the opportunity for immortal life. This includes our body elemental.



Elementals within the Aura

A salamander looks after our etheric body, lifetime after lifetime. A sylph looks after our mental body and expresses himself through our thoughts. An undine looks after our emotional body and expresses herself through the feelings we discharge. And we a gnome looks after the our physical body and keeps all of our organs and systems running smoothly. This elemental can be seen within the aura. He or she is about three feet tall, and likes to dress like us. The service of our body elemental helps create and maintain a new body, lifetime after lifetime. Then, when we make our ascension at the conclusion of many incarnations, our body elemental receives a threefold flame and moves on into the Christed evolution.

Until elementals receive a threefold flame, they are a part of a group soul. When a pet dies, you can ask for an elemental to be drawn from the same soul pool as your previous pet. You will often find that even though there are differences in outward appearance, your new pet will have a very similar disposition to the pet that passed away.

Clairvoyant teacher Charles Leadbeater talks about the importance of disciplining our body elementals in his book, The Inner Life. He explains that each elemental is looking to densify through the intense energies and situations that we engage in. This is particularly true for our mental and emotional elementals. If we care not careful, our mental elemental will try and push us to have obsessive, recurring thought patterns and our emotional elemental will push us to have strong emotional outbursts, including states of depression. These states of mind and feeling vivify the elemental essence. Our elementals convince us that we are the ones who are thinking and feeling when in fact, we are simply outpicturing the elemental addiction within the aura.

Disciplining the elementals of our four lower bodies is like learning good horsemanship. We must never forget that we are in charge. As Leadbeater puts it, “Our business, both during life and after death, is to control this desire-elemental, and not let it control us. Realize that you are a god in the making. All the power and force of the universe are on your side.” We must become as Krishna, the Christ figure who is the perfect charioteer and master over the four lower bodies.




The Elemental Hierarchs

Oromasis and Diana

Oromasis and Diana direct the fiery salamanders serving this planet, and have a special retreat directed to that service. These beings work closely with Zarathustra and the priests and priestesses of the Order of Melchizedek. They initiate us on the path of spiritual mastery in opening our chakras and in aligning our four lower bodies with our etheric blueprint. They quicken and intensify the action of any spiritual flame invoked and can even intensify our threefold flame, in the secret chamber of the heart. We can also call to them to contain all uncontrolled and destructive fires in the name of the Christ.

The beings of fire who serve with Oromasis and Diana are nine feet tall and have rainbows of liquid fire that ripple through their auras, reflecting the prismic light of God. They can reduce their size to an inch in height when we light a match, for instance. They also carry rods of white fire that tend the fire element on the physical plane.




Aries and Thor

Aries and Thor direct the sylphs of the air and the atmosphere around the planet, as well as the formation of the clouds. They are beautiful, curvaceous, iridescent, wispy beings endowed with ballerina grace. When they have taken on too much much human negativity, they discharge the energy through hurricanes and tornadoes. When angels abound, they love to create a replica of these angels in the sky.


The sylphs bear the prana and the currents of the Holy Spirit between heaven and earth, and are present when the breath of life enters a new baby body. They seek to help us master our mental body and thought processes, until our mind reflects the mind of Christ and our breath is the full release of the Holy Spirit. We can also call to them to purify the atmosphere from chemtrails and all kinds of harmful pollution.



Neptune and Luara

Neptune and Luara direct the undines of the water element. Undines can be found wherever there is water, and sometimes, they take on the form of a mermaid. They love to play in the ocean surf, in the crashing waterfalls and even when we take a shower. Neptune and Luara govern the seven seas that correspond to the seven planes of being, and serve to purify the emotional body of a planet and her people.

Neptune carries a trident as a symbol of the threefold flame which is the power of Christ by which he harnesses the tremendous force behind the water element. Luara is the Mother of Tides, who governs the tides and cycles of fertility. She teaches us how to balance our emotions. We can call to Neptune and Luara, and to the undines to purify the waters of the earth, down even to our drinking water. They will also calm the seas and bring peace to our emotions, in answer to our prayers.



Virgo and Pelleur

Virgo and Pelleur are cosmic beings who rule from the sun of even pressure in the center of the earth. Virgo is sometimes called Prosperina. These twin flames govern the earth element, and are mother and father to billions and billions of gnomes who tend earth in the four seasons. Gnomes are gentle and powerful beings created by Elohim, who range in size from three-inch-high elves, to three-foot dwarfs, to the mighty giants known as the mountain kings and queens.



Virgo and Pelleur teach us how to master our physical body and transmit the comfort, caring and beauty of God through the nature kingdom. In return, we can teach the gnomes how to give violet flame and invite them into our sanctuaries and services of light. We can also learn much about them in this classic book that they inspired.





Celeste had many earthly embodiments before ascending through the devic evolution. Celeste works closely with the angelic and the elemental kingdoms. She pleads for us to realize the tremendous assistance that we receive from elementals. She asks us to release our love and gratitude to them, as we pray for them to be cut free to gain their freedom and their victory. This, we call for in the name of Saint Germain.