The term God and Goddess is given to ascended masters and cosmic beings who ensoul the God-consciousness of their office. Below are the Gods and Goddesses whose names we have been given, that we may call upon them.

Amaryllis, Goddess of Spring

Amaryllis is the Goddess of spring and the spirit behind the yearly miracle that truly is springtime. The angels and elemental nature spirits who serve with Amaryllis are embued, each year, with that flame of resurrection that produces a rebirth within nature. Her devotion to the Holy Spirit and her momentum of Christ-power is such that the elemental beings of fire, air, water and earth follow her from one end of the planet to the other, outpicturing the beauty of her love for all living things. Through her mastery of the mental plane and the air element, she rejuvenates our consciousness so that we may fulfill our divine plan and she helps us to overcome the last enemy, which is death. She also embodies the golden flame of divine precipitation, tinged with brilliant green.

Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy

Kuan Yin, the compassionate saviouress is the Goddess of Mercy, the divine mother and mediatrix who fully embodies the virtues of mercy, compassion and forgiveness. In her retreat over Peking, she ministers to the souls of humanity through the violet transmuting flame. As the great boddhisattva, Kuan Yin has foregone the bliss of nirvana and vowed to save all children of God. In the Lotus Sutra, we read that, “to hear her name and see her form delivers beings from every woe.” Those who call to her have implicit trust in her saving grace and healing powers. Her mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum means, “Hail to the jewel in the Lotus!” Kuan Yin becomes the jewel in the lotus of the devotee's heart.

Kuan Yin was born from a ray of white light emitted from the right eye of the Great Buddha Amitahba when he was lost in ecstasy. Kuan Yin embodies Amitahba's compassion in a more direct and personal way and prayers to her are answered more quickly. Kuan Yin also serves on the Karmic Board and brings her momentum of mercy to that office.


Dictating through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Kuan Yin explained: “Mercy is the strongest power in the universe. It is the power of the will of God. The power of mercy is the intensity of love that will dissolve all fear, all doubt, all recalcitrance and rebellion....The mercy of the Law is sometimes very stern, but it is always patient, always tolerant, and it sees the flame within the heart rising, rising, rising to meet the Christ.”

Elizabeth gives an important clarification about forgiveness. “There is a difference between the forgiveness of sins and their transmutation,” she says. “Someone may steal your purse and later tell you that he is sorry he took it. You may forgive him, but the matter is not closed, karmically speaking, until he returns that purse to you with every penny intact or makes whatever restitution is necessary. Forgiveness is not the balancing of karma; it is the setting aside of karma whereby you are given the freedom to make things right without the heavy burden of sin.”

Kuan Yin inspires us to forgive others, like Jesus taught, so that our heavenly father can also forgive us our trespasses with merciful love. She explains, “For many of you, I have pleaded before the Lords of Karma for the opportunity to embody, to be whole, to not have dealt to you in the physical the great karma of being maimed and blinded at birth that some of you have deserved....I say this that you might also have the wisdom to understand that when mercy has been accorded for a time, you are expected to deliver the fruits of mercy, following the works of the Lord and the way of wisdom.”

Kuan Yin has given us the beautiful dispensation of calling upon her sword of mercy. in a teaching published by The Summit Lighthouse, we read:

“ When you don't know what to do about a problem, just calm down, center in the presence of God within you and call to Kuan Yin in the name of your Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self for her sword of mercy. Visualize your heart blazing with mercy's pink-violet fire. Then place your right hand upon your heart and draw forth the sword of mercy. Take this sword and point it directly into the core of any problem. Feel the action of mercy's power rushing in to balance minds and feelings, to transmute and make everyone whole. Meditate upon the sword and visualize its penetrating, all-consuming action. And let the flame do its perfect work.”

Amerissis, Goddess of Light

Amerissis, Goddess of Light, is a powerful being who is devoted to the light of God in every part of life, down to the very electron. Her retreat is the Shrine of Glory in the Andes Mountains. Prior to her ascension, Amerissis was embodied in South America and had achieved such an attainment that she was able to maintain life in her body for more than five hundred years. In a moment of pride, as she was congratulating herself for her spiritual attainment, a black magician superimposed upon her the tail of a fish, trapping her in the form of a mermaid.

Because of her great attainment, the law required her to ascend from the form in which she had gained her mastery, so she could not lay down her body and be reborn. From that moment forward, Amerissis never dwelled on the imperfection of her form and kept her attention focused upward on the light, calling for that light to expand. She continued to serve mankind from behind a counter, where no one could see her tail. Three hundred years later, when her momentum of light was great enough, the Brotherhood sent an unascended master to assist her and together, they invoked enough sacred fire to shatter the matrix that had imprisoned her so that she could ascend.

The Goddess of Freedom

The Goddess of Freedom is the cosmic embodiment of freedom to all systems of worlds. She has kept the flame of freedom on earth for thousands of years. She instructs souls at the Royal Teton Retreat on how to maintain the purity of freedom while embodied on earth. A focus of her very heart chakra is ensconced in her statue over the Capitol in Washington D.C., pulsing the flame of freedom into receptive hearts and souls, especially within the nation's leadership.

Ruth Hawkins, Goddess of Beauty

The Goddess of Beauty is a lady master who enshrines all of the attributes of divine beauty, and who was recently embodied as Ruth Hawkins. She is the twin flame of Paul the Venetian and tirelessly served the cause of the Great White Brotherhood. She was knighted by Mark Prophet as Lady Adoremus and made her ascension from the Temple of the Sun. She is remembered for her great love of beauty, for her paintings of the masters, for her love of children, for her violet flame invocations and for her service to Paris and the people of France. You can read of her heartwarming devotion to life in the book, The Masters and the Retreats by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.


Portia, Goddess of Justice and Goddess of Opportunity

Portia is a lady master and the twin flame of Saint Germain, who after thousands of years of service to life on the seventh ray of freedom, justice and mercy, earned the title of Goddess of Justice and Goddess of Opportunity. Beloved Portia serves on the Karmic Board and holds the scales of justice. These scales, held in Ancient Egypt by the Goddess Ma'at, symbolize the perfect balance of spiritual understanding of the Divine Mother who gives to her children the perfect apportionment of mercy blended with justice. Portia has counseled individuals to maximize the opportunity of their given life before they come into embodiment.

Portia ascended home to God before discord began to manifest on earth, and she remained in the Great Silence for a long time, holding the balance for her embodied twin flame. When Saint Germain, embodied as Francis Bacon, wrote The Merchant of Venice under his pen name Shakespeare, he inserted her name into the play. In 1939, Portia stepped out of Nirvana to directly help Saint Germain, now ascended, with his efforts to bring forth the I AM teachings to America and the world.

The Goddess of Liberty

The Goddess of Liberty enshrines the cosmic consciousness of liberty for earth. She is the spokesperson for the Karmic Board and the representative of the solar hierarchy of Leo. She represents the archetypal pattern of the World Mother who carries the book of divine law and illumination and gives hope to the tired, the poor and all victims of tyranny. Her retreat is the Temple of the Sun over Manhattan, where her statue stands. This retreat was actually a physical temple that she erected on Atlantis, prior to the sinking of that continent, when it was withdrawn to the etheric octave.

The Goddess of Liberty was also embodied in the ancient Amazonian civilization, where women ruled over a mighty people where the Amazon jungle now stands. She bears the title, Goddess of Liberty, because she enshrines the cosmic consciousness of liberty on earth. She assisted our founding fathers to establish a nation “under God” and appeared to George Washington with the vision of America's destiny as a nation that would enshrine the Christ consciousness.

The Goddess of Liberty wears a crown of seven rays that focus the power of the seven mighty Elohim, as portrayed in the magnificent statue that she inspired. A smaller form of her statue also stands in a park in Paris and her keynote of liberty is the French national anthem. She holds the torch of liberty for all and helps us to anchor the virtue of gratitude in action. She has called for one thousand faithful students to decree the preservation of America's destiny and she has vowed to stay with earth until every last man, woman and child ascends.


The Goddess of Peace

The Goddess of Peace serves at the Temple of Peace over the Hawaiian Islands and works with elemental life to infuse that flame in nature. She teaches that the only way to know true peace is to find the way to our Divine Self, and she helps us anchor the flame of peace to still the turbulence of our thoughts, feelings and actions, so that we may become candidates for the ascension. She also assists mothers bearing incoming souls to prepare for the birth and destiny of their child.


The Goddess of Purity

The Goddess of Purity focuses the flame of Cosmic Christ purity from her retreat over Madagascar unto the four corners of the earth. This service is one that she has rendered for thousands of years. She also holds a magnificent focus of purity over San Francisco, where an ancient Lemurian temple once stood hundreds of thousands of years ago. Her scepter of power carries a tremendous momentum of purity and pierces the darkness of human illusion, glamour and karma. She serves with the Goddess of Light and the Queen of Light to anchor the intense light of the Christ consciousness on earth each day, and especially during winter solstice. These lady masters also serve in hospitals, anchoring their healing ray of purity when surgeries are taking place.



Fortuna, Goddess of Supply

Fortuna, Goddess of Supply, is a cosmic being who precipitates her momentum of abundance to all who call upon her. Her momentum is a powerful radiance of green and gold like the sun, and she desires that mankind experience the glory of the golden ages. To do so, all material gold and success must be qualified with the spiritual gold of the Christ consciousness. Fortuna teaches that abundance is an outer manifestation of inner harmony, and that as you sow harmony, you reap supply. She also teaches that gold and supply comes from heaven to those who have a heart of gold, and to those who love and serve life for the glory of God.


Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth

Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth, is a tremendous being who ensouls the cosmic consciousness of truth and who serves on the Karmic Board. Her retreat is the Temple of Truth above the island of Crete, where souls come to be instructed in cosmic law, and in the sciences of healing, mathematics, geometry music, alchemy and precipitation. Pallas Athena served as a high priestess in the temple of Truth on Atlantis and kept the flame of truth for the golden Age of Greece. She also directed the oracles of Delphi, where temple virgins served as messengers for the gods and goddesses. Her twin flame is the Maha Chohan, who when embodied as Homer, spoke of her in his epic poems, The Iliad and The Odyssey.

The ancient Greeks described her as having been born from the head of Zeus, a metaphor for her rationality and wisdom. They built the Parthenon in her honor and enshrined a forty foot ivory and gold statue of Athena sculpted by Phidias. Known as the spear-shaker, Pallas Athena inspired the Greek warriors, and she was also the muse and inspiration of Sir Francis Bacon when he wrote the Shakespearean plays.

Leadbeater describes her, “Pallas Athene, the grey-eyed goddess of wisdom, was a magnificent and splendid being, who practically governed Athens in the old days through her devotees. Her influence was enormously stimulating, but she was not so much an embodiment of compassion or of love, as is the Blessed Virgin Mary, but rather of efficiency and of that perfect accuracy of form that is the essence of all true art. Much of the wonderful art of Greece was inspired directly by her; and to satisfy her it had to be the very highest and truest and most accurate. She could not tolerate a single line misplaced, even in the smallest thing....She kept Athens in the perfect order, directing it, governing it, brooding over its people with her wonderful inspiration because it would have been a disgrace to be otherwise than beautiful.”did being, who practically governed Athens in the old days through her devotees.”

Pallas Athena wants us to call upon her and her legions of Truth to go before us whenever we are engaged in serving the mighty cause of truth. In a dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet given in 1976, Pallas Athena says, “When I say I AM truth incarnate, I must rely upon your body, your flesh and your blood, your mind and your soul to be the incarnation of the Word of Truth that I AM! I AM Pallas Athena. I AM Greek. I AM Roman. I AM freeborn. I AM a member of every nation. I AM an American. From this day and forever more, I claim you for the cause of truth because you have made that cause your own.”

Theosophia, Goddess of Wisdom

Theosophia is the ascended lady master name for the founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, who had a profound gift of healing. The name Theosophia means “divine science.” Mary made her ascension thirty years after her final incarnation. She is very close to Jesus. She was embodied as Mary of Bethany, and also as one who had served in the Temple of Illumination on Atlantis.

Upon her ascension, Mary took up the office in hierarchy of Goddess of Wisdom which was previously held by another lady master, who went on to cosmic service when Mary assumed that office. As the Goddess of Wisdom, she teaches souls how to apply Christ's wisdom in a practical way in everyday life. She is very concerned with the Christ-education of children, protecting their minds from the manipulation of the left-handed path and the forces of darkness. She also strives to help mankind understand that truth, science and spirit all spring from the same source.

Tara, the White Goddess

The White Goddess is one of the many images of the Divine Mother, who is also a living being personifying that office. In Tibet, she is worshiped as the savioress Tara, who was born from a a lotus that grew in the water of a tear shed by Avalokiteshvara. We can say that she and Kuan Yin are divine sisters, and some believe they are one and the same. The White Goddess' symbol is the fully opened lotus, that represents the opening of the petals of the chakras. Tara embodies blessings and generosity towards all life, and helps us to gently raise the Kundalini energy from the base-of-the-spine chakra to the crown chakra until full enlightenment blossoms within us. When we offer her mantras and rosaries to the Divine Mother, she springs forth from our base chakra within our microcosmic universe as a most beautiful manifestation. Tara also teaches the mathematics of divine timing whereby we will overthrow the force of darkness and save humanity, in the joy of the sacred fire.



Godfre, God Obedience

The ascended master Godfre, known as God Obedience, was embodied as Guy Ballard, the messenger for the I AM Movement. As such Godfre brought forth the teachings of the Mighty I AM Presence and the violet flame in the twentieth century. The turning point in his life was one day as he was walking on Broadway in Los Angeles. He suddenly stopped and, like Gautama, addressed his untransmuted human creation: “You have scared me for the last time,” he said. “You have no power.” Following this, the ascended master Saint Germain appeared to him in Mount Shasta. His experiences and training with the master are chronicled in the wonderful books published by the I AM Movement, Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence and the I AM Discourses.

Godfre was embodied as the son of Saint Germain 50,000 years ago in an ancient civilization where is now the Sahara Desert. He was also embodied as Richard the Lion heart and George Washington. His momentum of obedience to the will of God is so strong that he received the title, God Obedience and serves on that line of the solar hierachies.


Godre teaches his students to overcome the human consciousness of the tyrant ego dweller, by affirming in the teeth of its manifestation, “In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, I refuse to accept the tyranny of my human consciousness. I call now to my Beloved Holy Christ Self to step forth in your blazing reality and be the only presence acting here!”

Lord Ling, God of Happiness

Lord Ling was embodied as Moses. In that embodiment, he was given the name of God I AM THAT I AM, he led the Israelites out of bondage and he received the ten commandments. Because his service lacked the quality of joy, he reembodied as Ananda, disciple of Gautama Buddha, and learned how to serve with greater love and peace. His final embodiment was in China where as Lord Ling, he fully anchored the flame of divine happiness. Lord Ling teaches his students how to overcome the addictions of materialism and the pleasure cult, and how to find genuine happiness by discovering the true mysteries of the fire enfolding itself upon the altar of the heart. He teaches us how to pursue the high calling of our destiny and become great shepherds of souls. Lord Ling maintains a focus of joy in the retreat of Jophiel and Christine.

God Harmony

God Harmony is a cosmic being who carries the vibration of the absolute harmony of cosmos. He was embodied on earth thousands of years ago as a blacksmith, then as a mechanic, then finally as an astronomer. In these lifetimes, his devotion to God as Mother was such that he attained the cosmic consciousness of harmony.

God Harmony helps us to achieve spiritual mastery by maintaining true harmony, even in challenging circumstances. He teaches that harmony is the joy of God throughout creation, that manifests as harmony within our atoms, cells, molecules and organs. It is the joy that we experience when we share love and create beauty. It comes from a sense of oneness with God, oneness with nature, and oneness with the Divine Mother who exudes harmonious love for her children.


Harmony is also the science of the balance of light and electronic forcefields, that leads to greater and greater spiritual acceleration. It is the source of everlasting life and the overriding virtue that we must gain for our ascension. It contributes to and results from the balance of love, wisdom and power in our heart manifesting in our life, which becomes the resurrection flame. The more harmony we anchor, the more vitality and health we manifest.

There is much disharmony on earth and that absence of harmony leads to chaos, disintegration and death. God Harmony explained that when he placed the harmony from his causal body over the earth during a dictation, he actually experienced immense pain, a sacrifice he was willing to bear to help the lightbearers.

God Harmony explains that the ascended masters and our own higher self will only give us as much light as we can harmoniously hold within our being. To achieve a greater measure of harmony, we can ask our Holy Christ Self to seal our untransmuted karma, so that we can enter the Holy of holies of our being and so that through harmony, our projects and efforts will come to fruition.

God of Gold

The God of Gold serves by attuning to Helios and Vesta and directing the currents of the sun into the earth, where they manifest as gold. This master appears as a blazing dazzling golden white light with rays of fiery gold coming from his head and hands. He works with God Tabor, the God of Nature, the Maha Chohan and the four elemental hierarchs to amplify or suppress the growth of gold veins in the earth, as an essential balance of light for nature and mankind.

Gold is the lodestone of Alpha and Omega and the means by which the Christ consciousness of an entire nation can be restored. It is actually precipitated sunlight and the energy of God in the physical plane. It has stimulant and health giving properties and is the highest medium of exchange for one's sacred labor. In past golden ages when people lived by the golden rule, they exchanged and wore gold. Correspondingly, they anchored great attainments of illumination, abundance, health and self-mastery. Because mankind have hoarded and misused this substance, the masters have not revealed the wealth of gold yet hidden in the earth.


The God of Gold desires that America return to the gold standard, because gold is necessary for the stability of nations and their economies. He also advises students of the light to wear gold on their body at all times, in order to balance the mind and the emotions, to make contact with the higher self, and to magnetize the fire of the sun.

God of Nature

The God of Nature moves with the magnetic currents of the earth to amplify and balance them as they pass through his consciousness. Prior to this office, the God of Nature was an alchemist of the sacred fire and by the time he ascended, he had such a momentum working with the forces of nature that he was given this service. The God of Nature is described as being six feet tall, and as releasing his radiation through robes of pink, gold and green. There is an intense blue light in his aura and the light rays that pour from his form resemble the Aurora Borealis. He emanates white rays from his head, gold rays from his heart, and green and pink rays from his hands.

God Tabor, God of the Mountains

God Tabor is also called the God of the Mountains and his retreat is in in the Rocky Mountains over Colorado Springs. In the Ascended Master Discourses published by the I AM Movement, the ascended lady master Pearl speaks of meeting him. She describes him as being both terrifying and majestic in beauty, perfection and intensity of light. She explains that he releases his power when it is needed as a mighty flash of lightning. Yet for all of his wondrous power, he is as gentle as a mother with her child whom she loves more than anything in the world. God Tabor works with all of the elemental beings of nature and asks us to pray daily for the burden upon them, that their hope might be restored and that they might call forth and earn a threefold flame for their extraordinary service to life.

God of the Swiss Alps

The God of the Swiss Alps is the guardian of the threefold flame that is anchored in the Swiss Alps and that inspired William Tell. This great being has many legions of angels, devas and elementals serving under him. The pulsations of his retreat help direct the destiny of Europe and balance out the energies of love, wisdom and power within her people.

Vulcan, God of Fire

Vulcan is a cosmic being devoted to the sacred fire. He helps souls implement their divine plan by the action of the fire of the Christ consciousness. Together with his legions, he works tirelessly to consume the grotesque thoughtforms and impure vibrations released by fallen ones through the force of darkness to sabotage the full manifestation of the divine plan. Vulcan also assists those who strive to overcome their lesser nature and to become the fullness of their Christ self, as well as those who would be alchemists of the sacred fire.


In Greek mythology, Zeus is the king of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus and the god of the sky and thunder. His symbols are the thunderbolt, eagle, bull, and oak. Zeus is also an ascended master though very little is known about him.


Ramona, Goddess of FLowers

The ascended Lady Master Ramona is mentioned in the March 1943 issue of Voice of the I AM. She is also known as Flora and the Goddess of Flowers, and flowers are a physical expression of God's perfection and love.


The God and Goddess Meru

God Mercury

Helios and Vesta, God and Goddess of this Solar System