The ascended masters understand our concerns in the most personal and intimate way. They do not judge us, but seek to assist us in coming up higher and conquering our lesser self. Each master has developed, so to speak, a "specialty" of sorts and can be called upon to lend us his or her momentum in a particular area.

The masters are also gravely concerned with the state of the world. They pull together to assist us in fending off dire circumstances that could come to pass on a regional or planetary scale, to mitigate planetary karma whenever possible and to find solutions to ongoing challenges.

A Great Love for Humanity

To give you a sense of the love of the masters for humanity, I would like to share with you an observation made by the Elohim Cyclopea, that was published by The Summit Lighthouse on the Pearls of Wisdom CD-Rom:

“Let us now draw very close, precious ones, to a great picturization of the ascended master Jesus, who has become for quite some time now your own World Teacher. The Christ, in his magnificent concept of being, has reached that state of consciousness where every man, woman, and child upon the planet is himself in action....He often stands facing the sun itself and, gazing into the very heart of Helios and Vesta, he actually holds his hands clasped together over his heart...and he pleads with the great fire in the heart of the sun to infuse mankind with a greater awareness of the power of Alpha and Omega....He often invokes the angelic host from the house of David and those twelve legions over which he has control for and on behalf of mankind.

“I have seen him stand facing a terrific storm created by mankind's wrong thought and feeling and seen him push back the clouds themselves and say, 'Let peace come to mankind.' Then when conditions became so frightful and awe-inspiring as mankind insisted, precious ones, on having their own way, I have seen him retreat in almost the same manner as he did in the Garden of Gethsemane and, kneeling in prayer, call to God to give some assistance.”

Cyclopea pointed out, however, that even though “the Christ has stood in the very eye of the hurricanes and has called out for peace,...no one can interfere with some of these actions created by wrong human thought and feeling.” And yet “the masters do rush in, in many cases, into awe-inspiring demonstrations of nature and use their spiritual energies to mitigate the destructive action.” And “in case these conditions become greater than one master can handle, I have seen a dozen hold together, pulling against tremendous pressures and finally recognizing that it is—so to speak—the will of God, and yet not His will. These individual masters have themselves relinquished the tremendous intent of their heart...and they have turned to calling for the souls of those individuals who were caught up in that net of self-destruction.” Cyclopea said that this action of love by the ascended masters goes on twenty-four hours a day.

Invoking the Masters' Assistance

Below are listed issues of personal concern and areas of planetary concern, along with masters to whom we can call for assistance. This is, by no means, an exhauttive list.

Regional Concerns

United States of America ‡ Saint Germain, Godfre, fourteen ascended masters who govern the destiny of America, Council of the Royal Teton, El Morya and the Darjeeling Council, Jesus

North and South America ‡ Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Great Divine Director, El Morya and the Darjeeling Council, Jesus

Europe ‡ Saint Germain, Master of Paris and the Council of Paris, El Morya and the Darjeeling Council, Jesus, Great Divine Director

India/Pakistan ‡ Chananda and the Indian Council, El Morya and the Darjeeling Council, Jesus

Africa, African-American and people originating from Africa ‡ Ascended Master Afra, El Morya and the Darjeeling Council, Jesus

China ‡ Kuan Yin, El Morya and the Darjeeling Council, Jesus

Tibet ‡ Padma Sambhava, El Morya and the Darjeeling Council, Jesus

Middle East ‡ El Morya and the Darjeeling Council, Jesus, Serapis Bey, Saint Germain and Mother Mary

Planetary Concerns

Cataclysm and earth changes ‡ El Morya and the Darjeeling Council, Jesus, Surya and Cuzco, Saint Germain, Maha Chohan, Elohim Arcturus, hierarchs of the elementals

Negative prophecy ‡ Jesus, Saint Germain and Mother Mary

Abortion ‡ Jesus, Saint Germain, Mother Mary and Kuan Yin

War and Terrorism ‡ Jesus, Saint Germain, El Morya and the Darjeeling Council, Lanello and K-17

Exposing of treachery, intrigue and decption at all levels of governments and organizations ‡ Cyclopea, Lanello and K-17

Healing of the economy ‡ Cyclopea, Saint Germain, God of Gold, Jesus, El Morya and the Darjeeling Council

Problems facing the youth of the world, including the sex, drug, and rock-and-roll culture and the educational system Mother Mary, God and Goddess Meru, Maria Montessori, Sanat Kumara and the legions of the thirteen archangels, Kuan Yin, Leto, Najah

Shortfalls in the judicial system ‡ Kuan Yin, Portia

Misuse of science, including abuse by the medical and pharmaceutical establishment, and the advent of infinite energy‡ Sanat Kumara, Hilarion, Leto, Meta, Leonora, Saint Germain

Personal Issues

Family issues ‡ Lady Master Nada, Archeia Charity, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Jesus, Saint Germain, God and Goddess Meru, Meta

Marital problems ‡ Archeia Charity, Kuthumi, Jesus, Mother Mary

Financial challenges ‡ Saint Germain, God of Gold, Fortuna, Jesus

Physical healing ‡ Jesus, Mother Mary, Hilarion, Justinius and the Seraphim, Goddess of Light, Queen of Light, Goddess of Purity, Maha Chohan

Psychological conditions ‡ Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Cyclopea

Loved ones passing ‡ Archangel Michael, Jesus, Mother Mary, Elohim Astrea

Addictions ‡ Archangel Michael, Elohim Astrea, Archangel Jofiel

Raising children ‡ Nada, Mother Mary, Jesus, Pallas Athena, Kuan Yin, El Morya

Protection from harm ‡ Archangel Michael

Overcoming fear ‡ Ray O Light and legions of fearlessness flame

Animals and pets ‡ Kuthumi, hierarchs of the elementals

Miracles ‡ Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Saint Therese of Lisieux