Over a time period much longer than our history books record, the earth has been home to lifewaves and civilizations.

Since her creation, God sent waves of souls to earth for training and to fulfill a particular divine plan and archetypal pattern. The divine intent was for souls to evolve in time and space with their twin flame and gain mastery within a determined time cycle, before ascending into higher consciousness as Christed and God-free beings. Each wave of new souls that came to earth was issued from a specific ray of God's consciousness. These waves of souls are called root races and are looked after by a being of light who, with his divine complement, serve as Father-Mother God for that root race. These are the manus, which in Sanskrit means, progenitor. The manus anchor the Christic pattern for souls under their tutelage and sponsorship.


The first root race was issued from the blue ray of God's power and protection. These souls most especially anchored the vibration of governance and good will. The second soul root race was issued from God's yellow ray of wisdom and the souls anchored the flame of divine illumination. The third root race was born from the pink ray of divine love and anchored that vibration upon earth. All three of these root races ascended.

According to the book Lives of Alcyon by theosophical clairvoyants Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant, the first two root races had twelve thousand years of interaction with time and space before ascending home to God. The fall of the angels took place at the very end of the third root race. As a result of the corruption that ensued, it took 17,000 years for the entire third root race to ascend, but they succeeded. By the fourth root race, however, the fallen angel influence was so prevalent that almost every soul became ensnared, wreaking havoc in the cosmic timetable. The souls of the fourth root race had come to anchor the white ray of the purity of the Mother light on earth, and the fallen ones lusted after that light. Theosophists assert that the fourth root race incarnated four and a half million years ago, and today, some of these souls are still in embodiment.

Lord Himalaya

The manu for the fourth root race is Lord Himalaya, hierarch of the Retreat of the Blue Lotus in the Himalayan mountains. Himalaya is a master of masters who, together with his embodied twin flame, anchors the masculine ray of the Fatherhood of God for the planet. Himalaya teaches telepathy through meditation. Those who sit at his feet and blend their consciousness with Lord Himalaya's, become one with his threefold flame pattern. Through this oneness, they receive his ideations and a mantra that will help unfold their divine plan. Himalaya's radiance is as golden snow and he anchors the Christ consciousness in the Himalayas, purifying the Ganges waters. Himalaya would teach us the quietude and inner voice of God, the miracle of grace the majesty of peace, the power contained within the great silence, the stillness in the eye of the storm and the light of the heart. Stepping out of Nirvana, he endeavors to bring the flame of divine illumination to the world and to unite the traditions of East and West.

Vaivasvata Manu

Vaivasvata is the manu of the fifth root race, souls who focus the green ray of God's healing and truth, and of whom many are still unascended. His name in Sanskrit means, “born of the Sun.” Leadbeater describes him in the book, The Masters and the Path, as “a kingly figure...the tallest of all adepts...The Manu has a very striking face of great power, with an aquiline nose, a full and flowing brown beard and brown eyes, and a magnificent head of Leonine poise.” Vaivasvata's retreat in the Himalayas magnetizes the souls of the fifth root race and the love of the manu is so great that it cuts them free from all that opposes their divine destiny. Vaivasvata serves to strengthen the antahkarana web of light and asks us to call for his pattern to appear to reinforce the pattern of our divine destiny, especially when we feel alone, separate, maligned or misunderstood or maligned. His twin flame also remains in physical embodiment.

The God and Goddess Meru

The God and Goddess Meru, whose retreat is above Lake Titicaca, are the manus for the sixth root race. This is the most recent soul pattern, destined to outpicture the fullness of God's sixth purple and gold ray that anchors the qualities of ministration and service. These great masters of illumination anchor the Mother flame and feminine aspect of God for the entire planet, in their retreat and through the Andes mountains, creating an arc with the Father energy ensconced in the Himalayas. That Mother flame flame was withdrawn from the physical octave when the ancient continent of Lemuria sank beneath the Pacific ocean. They teach that God does not condemn, but that the fallen ones do. They urge us to overcome self-condemnation in all of its forms, lest we condemn our souls out of existence. They also urge us to refrain from negatively competing with others, and explain this spiritual point of vulnerability brought down the Incan civilization. They remind us that God is a consuming fire fully able to dissolve and transmute sin. .

Eightfold Plan to Save the Youth from the God and Goddess Meru

The God and Goddess Meru also sponsor the Christed education of children and youth through methods of advanced learning that accelerate the innate potential of every child, starting in the womb. They have revealed an eightfold plan for the rescue of the youth that involves
1.  education upon the word and the sacred heart manifest as a firm foundation in reading,      writing and arithmetic.
2.  parental training
3. cooperation between parents, teachers and sponsors of children working together in      community
4.  daily prayers on behalf of the youth of the world
5.  community building and services that strengthens families and reinforces values
6.  training in responsible citizenship for children and families
7.  establishing harmonious music in the home patterned after the music of the spheres
8.  reinforcing individuality by sharing with young people the example of saints, heroes and      positive role models, thereby diminishing the dangers of peer pressure, which is an           emotional interdependence among teenagers that seeks to compensate for a lack of      parental involvement

Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being who is the manu of the incoming seventh root race, destined to embody in South America as a soul pattern of freedom on the violet ray. The great Divine Director has merged his consciousness with the cosmic cycles of God's divine plan for untold universes. In the Hindu tradition, he is known as the elephant-God Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, who is son of Shiva and Parvati and brother of Kartikeya. He serves on the Karmic Board and on the twelve o'clock line of the solar hierarchies. His causal body surrounds the entire planet in a giant blue sphere through which the delivery of the judgment shall pass. The Great Divine Director maintains a retreat known as the Cave of Light in India. He is also known as the Master R for his retreat and association with Saint Germain and the House of Rakoczy in Eastern Europe) When you call upon the Great Divine Director, you receive a fresh understanding of divine direction for your life. This master will help you to know your divine plan, especially when you invoke the violet flame of freedom in his name.