The entire cosmos is filled with beings of light evolving on different levels of consciousness, within the many octaves of the heaven world. Other planetary homes and starry systems are home to these lifewaves, and the vast splendor of the body of God far exceeds what our scientific equipment can capture. Beings of great light assist the earth from other stars, most notably from the God-star Sirius, from the Pleiades and from our twin star Venus.



We must understand that these ones send forth light and love and make contact with us at the level of the heart. They do not travel on UFOs or seek to intervene with the free will of man as physical saviors coming from spaceships. Those who would do so are false hierarchy imposters of the ascended masters. They weave in and out of the astral plane and seek to influence man for their own selfish purposes. They do not represent the authentic Great White Brotherhood, the body of saints robed in white, worlds without end.


From the God-Star Sirius

Sirius is a star that you can see in the winter night's sky. Twenty-three times brighter than our sun, it is brilliant like a diamond and flashes forth blue, pink and yellow light. Sirius is the spiritual hub of our galaxy and our original home of light, where Alpha and Omega reside. Sirius is also called the Great Central Sun, where the Court of the Sacred Fire is held.

The Solar Logoi

On Sirius are cosmic beings known as the Solar Logoi, or Solar Lords, who transmit the light flowing from Alpha and Omega to the planetary systems. They maintain the tone and the sound of the Logos, the Word, that sustains all creation, and we can call upon them for grants and dispensations of energy to better serve life.


The Four and Twenty Elders

There are many beings of light on Sirius who work with earth's evolutions and who have pledged to save the earth. We find the four and twenty elders, described in the Book of Revelation. “And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.”

They are twelve pairs of twin flames representing the twelve hierarchies of the Sun. These elders preside with Sanat Kumara at the court of the sacred fire. Here, fallen ones who refuse to bend the knee and elect a path of righteousness receive the second death. After a number of cycles of opportunity, free will election and resulting negative karma, souls are canceled out by passing through the flame of God. This action is actually a great mercy of the law.

The Nameless One

On Sirius is a being of light who works with Earth's evolutions and has not revealed his name. He is known as the Nameless One from the Great Central Sun and he extends himself to certain among humanity to expand the sacred fire.

The Fourteen Ascended Masters
Who Govern the Destiny of America

There are also fourteen ascended masters on Sirius who govern the destiny of America and work to establish God-government in America through the hearts of her people. America is the land that was designated by God to be the outpost for freedom. She is destined to lead the other nations of earth in establishing and protecting the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness inscribed by our Founding Fathers in the declaration of independence, in the bill of rights and in the Constitution. The energies of Sirius are also delivered through the astrological chart of the United States of America, as the star is found in her natal chart July fourth.

The fourteen ascended masters who govern the destiny of America stated in a 1975 dictation, “The victory of America is not the victory of a nation. It is the victory of the twelve hierarchies of the sun in the twelve tribes of Israel who have come forth from every nation to dip into the flame, who shall return to every nation to ignite the flame, and who shall be unto all people the carriers of the fires of freedom.”



The Sponsors of Youth

We also find the Sponsors of Youth, twelve cosmic beings who have for eons been answering the prayers of mothers, fathers and sponsors of youth in embodiment. These ones are most concerned with the tragedy that is abortion, and with the education of the youth. They have called upon us to help free the youth from all untoward conditions and you can read their message here.



Also from Sirius comes Surya, a cosmic being who wields the tremendous power of the God Star on behalf of the evolutions of earth. His flame is an intense blue tinged with white. Surya has been venerated in the Hindu tradition as the Sun God, and his presence is invoked through the Gayatri mantra. Surya is traditionally depicted seated on a lotus in a golden chariot drawn by seven horses, by which he crosses the sky. He is very much involved with Jesus in the judgment of the fallen angels and can be called upon for any problem that seems insurmountable. Surya is also said to be the Father of Vaivasvata Manu.



Surya's chela is Cuzco, who maintains a retreat at Viti Levu where ascended master scientists work day and night to temper or avert cataclysm and destructive earth changes that come about as a result of mankind's karma and negative energy release. Cuzco affirms our Christ consciousness appearing and we can call to him to fill our hearts with the full comfort of the Holy Spirit and the full impetus of the resurrection.


Mighty Blue Eagle

From Sirius also comes the Mighty Blue Eagle, a formation of blue-lightning angels who assist Archangel Michael in protecting the children of God. The Mighty Blue Eagle is a vast formation that fills the sky, and every feather is a blue flame angel. These angels come for vigilance, for the judgment of darkness and to reinforce the transmutative work of the violet flame angels. We can call upon these angels to stand with us twenty four hours a day to enhance our service to the light. These angels are nearly physical and their presence is most tangible.

Spirit of Selflessness

The Spirit of Selflessness is a cosmic being from out the Great Central Sun, who also resides within the Sun behind the Sun of our own being. He imparts to us selfless, spiritual, divine love. He teaches that the less aware of self we become, the more of God we can assimilate. He assists us in transforming our selfhood into Godhood, while retaining the individualization of our God-flame. Leadbeater writes about this transformation in The Inner Life:

“ While a man is the center of his own circle he is perpetually making the mistake of thinking that he is the center of everybody else's. He constantly supposes that in everything which other people say or do they are somehow thinking of him, or aiming their remarks at him. If the Master be the center of his circle, and all his energies are centered upon serving Him, he has no time for depression, nor has he the slightest inclination towards it. He is far too eagerly wishing for work that he can do.

As he evolves his circle will widen, and in the end there will come a time when his circle will be infinite in extent, and then in a sense he himself will again be its center, because he has identified himself with the Logos, who is the center of all possible circles, since every point is equally the center of a circle whose radius is infinite.”

The Maha Chohan stated that it is astounding to see how much power, wisdom and love can flow through the individual who has become selfless, to one who has merged his consciousness with the cosmic consciousness of the Spirit of Selflessness.

Elohim Cassiopea

Elohim Cassiopea is an Elohim in the Great Central Sun who holds a focus of illumination for the entire galaxy. This Elohim has come to help raise the consciousness of the earth in preparation for the incoming golden age that has been prophesied and is intended to manifest in coming centuries.


From the Violet Planet

OmriTas is the ruler of the violet planet, a planet that received this name because its inhabitants invoked God's violet flame of freedom until their planet was turned around from very dire conditions, similar and even more strenuous than what we have experienced on Earth today. The violet flame was invoked by the few with such an intensity that it flushed out the fallen angels and the darkness they had purveyed, until the planet was able to move on into a golden age.

Across the violet planet, 144,000 priests of the sacred fire tend the violet flame on thousands of altars and the entire atmosphere becomes filled with the violet flame. The inhabitants of this planet use the violet flame in a similar way to how we use electricity, to wash and beautify themselves and to clean their homes.


OmriTas and 144,000 priests from the sacred fire can be called upon at any time to release an intense violet flame action on behalf of mankind. OmriTas carries such an intensity of violet flame in his aura that it actually enfolds and extends far beyond the size of the earth. Omri Tas will multiply all of our invocations to the violet flame many times over, with special gifts and dispensations from his causal body. Join us each night in giving fifteen minutes of violet flame invocations and mantras over the internet and see what miracles we can bring forth on earth as well.

From Venus

Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus

Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus are the hierarchs of Venus. Venus and Earth were created as twin flame planets, twin stars, and they share a common destiny. At the lowest point in earth's history, when earth was to be dissolved because it could no longer contribute to the light and harmony of the music of the spheres, Sanat Kumara volunteered to come to earth with 144,000 disciples, to hold the spiritual balance and to reignite the threefold flame in the heart of her people. Lady Master Venus, beautiful Divine Mother of love held the balance on Venus for his great sacrifice. Some of Sanat Kumara's disciples originated from Mercury, a planet overshadowed by God-Mercury, also known as Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus. These ones had fought for the victory of light on their home planet by pursuing wisdom, through unflinching devotion to the will of God, and by so saturating their auras with love that there could be no possibility of misqualifying God's power into tyranny.

This magnificent epic is described in the book, The Legend of the Ancient of Days, as well as on video. You can also read more about the spiritual traditions of Sanat Kumara around the world, about the esoteric history of earth, and about the initiations of the ruby ray that this master will impart to you on our website dedicated to him.

The planet Venus holds the focus of love for this solar system, as the heart chakra planet of our system. The civilization on Venus is evolving in a golden age at a higher level of the etheric octave. We have many brothers and sisters there, friends of light and souls that we have known for eons. Life on Venus and interactions with its inhabitants was described by Philos the Tibetan in his book, Dweller on Two Planets.

In the Hindu tradition, Sanat Kumara is known as Karttikeya, son of Shiva and Parvati, and brother of Ganesha. Sanat Kumara has a retreat at Shamballa, and Lady Master Venus is the hierarch of the Retreat of the Divine Mother.


© Marius Michael George

The Seven Holy Kumaras

Sanat Kumara is one of the seven holy Kumaras, seven great beings who focus the flame of Elohim upon the planet Venus. His etheric retreat is at Shamballa.

The seven holy Kumaras each have a temple on Venus dedicated to the Mother light that is also a mystery school where all of the avatars were initiated, before coming to earth or going to other planets to rescue souls from the clutches of the fallen ones. The seven holy Kumaras have released a number of dispensations to help the lightbearers of earth and can be called upon for assistance. Sanat Kumara has asked us to call upon him every day, and even every hour, so that together with the legions of the thirteen archangels he can intervene to help the youth and all of mankind.

He asked us to make the call, “In the name I AM THAT I AM, in the name Brahman, Sanat Kumara and the thirteen archangels, take command of the youth of the world, take command of drugs, alcohol, nicotine, sugar, rock music, abortion and every condition of darkness in our government, in our society, in the financial and educational and scientific establishments. (Now list all of your personal concerns and conditions.) According to God's holy will let it be done. Amen.”

In a 1992 dictation published by The Summit Lighthouse, Sanat Kumara and the seven holy Kumaras declared, “There is a hush in the entire matter cosmos as the decisions of individuals are making the difference as to whether or not the entire tide of darkness will be turned around in planet earth. For this cause we have come...Therefore, together in the living flame, we multiply all that you are by the power of the love of lady Master Venus.”


© Marius Michael George


Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus have a daughter, Meta, who accompanied her Father to Earth and has served in a temple of healing since the days of Atlantis, that is now an etheric retreat. Meta's retreat focuses the healing ray. There, she works with all of the healing masters and healing angels to hold the highest matrix of perfection for every child coming into embodiment. Her service is also to help heal the minds of the children from harmful influences, and along with priestesses of the sacred fire, she will come to the bedside of children in answer to our call.

Mighty Victory and Justina

Mighty Victory is a comic being who is known as the tall master from Venus. His devotion to the flame of victory for more than a hundred thousand years has given him the authority over that flame through vast reaches of cosmos. During the 1930s, he announced, in answer to Saint Germain's call, a stupendous dispensation of cosmic assistance to the earth from the Lords of Karma whereby the old occult laws were set aside. This made it possible for individuals to ascend with only 51 percent of their karma balanced, to enter the etheric retreats while their bodies sleep at night and to be release the teachings of the I AM and the violet flame to the world at large.

Twelve masters serve with Mighty Victory, as well as many legions of angels of victory. Mighty Victory's symbol is the six-pointed star made with interlacing triangles, which is a glyph of God's threefold flame of love, wisdom and power, fully balanced in our heart as above, so below.

Mighty Victory serves with his twin flame Justina, who anchors the victory of the feminine ray. Together with Mighty Victory, Justina delivers us from the non-victory consciousness. When we call upon her, she will help us to anchor the flame of divine determination for the full momentum of our victory now made manifest in every area of life.

Rex, Nada, Bob and Pearl

Ernon (Mol Hang)

From the Pleiades

The seat of the Great White Brotherhood for our portion of the universe resides in the Pleiades, seven stars known as the seven sisters, who focus the seven rays of the divine feminine.

The Hierarchies of the Pleiades

The hierarchies of the Pleiades have released a dispensation for the manifestation of the divine blueprint on earth. This blueprint is anchored through the thoughtform of the descending City Foursquare described by John in the Book of Revelation. We can call to the Pleiades and the hierarchies thereof. Millions of cosmic beings with their cosmic retinues will come forth in answer to our call, to carry into manifestation that divine blueprint and lead earth into a golden age. This tremendous dispensation is described in our book on the divine mother that is published on the website, O Mother of the World.

The age of Mother is at hand
So was released the prophecy
A cosmic impulse from the Pleiades
As vanguard of our destiny.