The Two Witnesses

Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet served as Messengers for The Summit Lighthouse. As twin flames, they fulfilled the spiritual office of the two witnesses and the two candlesticks described in the Book of Revelation. Mark passed away in February 26, 1973 to become the ascended master Lanello.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet passed away on October 15, 2009 and is ascending “from glory unto glory.” Her spiritual name, Guru Ma, is a title that was bestowed upon her by the ascended master Padma Sambhava, and for the students who loved her, she will always be “Mother.”

Mother and Mark had many gifts—clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing, prophecy, the ability to work with elemental nature spirits and the ongoing contact with the Brotherhood of Light. Simply coming into contact with their aura was enough to give your chakras a mighty spin.

To learn about the lives of these two messengers of God, we recommend the books, All for the Love of God and On Fire for God, written by their biographers Alex and Margaret Reichardt. More than fifty witnesses of Mark and Mother's miracle intercessions are also posted on the website www.markandmother.com.

Through the spiritual leadership and intercession of Mark and Mother, dozens of chelas have already made their ascension, with many more to come. Lanello and Guru Ma continue to work at inner levels with us, inspiring us, strengthening us and goading us on. They are preparing to take on the spiritual office that is now filled by the God and Goddess Meru, who in turn will take on the office of Helios of Vesta, as Helios and Vesta move on to yet greater cosmic service.

“May you win all the way!” This is their timeless message to devotees of truth everywhere.




The ascended master Lanello first came to earth with Sanat Kumara. He served as a high priest and master of invocation in the Temple of the Logos on Atlantis. Then, he came back as the Prophet Noah, who built the ark during the final days of Atlantis, before the sinking of that continent. He was also Lot in the Old Testament, who witnessed the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Egyptian Pharaoh Ikhanaton, who established the worship of Aton, the one God. mark later embodied as the Greek fablist Aesop, as Mark the evangelist, as Origen of Alexandria, defender of the Christian mysteries.

Then, Lanello came back as Launcelot, the knight of the Round Table; as the zen master Bodhidharma; as King Clovis, patron saint of France; Saladin, the great moslem leader; as Saint Bonaventure, the franciscan mystic and doctor of the church; as Louis the XIV, Sun King of France; as the native american Hiawatha; and as the beloved poet Longfellow. In the early twentieth century, Lanello embodied as the young tsarevitch Alexis who was murdered by the Bolcheviks in the Russian Revolution. His final incarnation was his life as Mark Prophet.

Mark ascended with 71 percent of his karma balanced. Mother explained that even though Lanello had rendered extraordinary service to the light, lifetime after lifetime, his karma had been entwined with so many other souls that it had been very heavy. This is why with all the attainment Mark had, and even the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, he had not been able to balance the full slate while incarnate. Mother helped him balance the rest of that karma after his ascension, as they were both working together. Then, on February 26, 1997, twenty-four years after his ascension, the master Morya announced that Lanello had balanced 100 percent of his karma.

Lanello tells his students that we are all candidates for the ascension, vested with a blue cape of ability the master gives to us from his causal body. Lanello has promised to walk and talk with us each day as the “ever present guru,” impelling us forward until we fully anchor our own Christ consciousness. Anytime we care faced with a challenge or a problem, he invites us to write a letter to him and burn it. The master never fails. Lanello's Retreat is over the Rhine Valley and his musical keynote is “Greensleeves.”


Guru Ma

Guru Ma also first came to earth with Sanat Kumara. She had a number of incarnations on Atlantis and Lemuria. She she served as the highest representative of the Divine Mother on Lemuria, whose murder unleashed the karma of the sinking of that continent. She was also embodied as Queen Nefertiti in Egypt, a lifetime in which she bore her signature smile. She later came back as Martha of Bethany, the sister of Lazarus and devoted follower of Jesus. Then, she embodied as Hypatia, the brilliant Greek philosopher and mathematician; as Queen Guinevere of Camelot; as Saint and Queen Clotilde, patroness of France; as Yeshe Tsogyal, who helped found Tibetan buddhism and transcribed the teachings of Padma Sambhava for posterity; as Saint Claire of Assisi founder of the poor Clares, and as Saint Catherine of Sienna, doctor of the church who bore the stigmata; as Margaret, the eldest daughter of Thomas More; and as Maria Theresa of Spain, the wife of Louis the XIV.

Guru Ma came back to the French throne as Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France who was greatly maligned and stated, before her sentencing: “Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?” Following the tragic outcome of that life, she came back as the beloved Austrian Empress “Sissi,” and finally as Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Messenger for the Great White Brotherhood. When Elizabeth was a child, she had a vision of her future mission:

“Whirling out of light I saw a daisy, and the sun of the daisy symbolizing the individual Christ Self and the emanation of its consciousness in the petals. It began to whirl. Then Saint Germain showed me in the center of each daisy a face—a beautiful face—of a soul of God. And he said, 'I am impressing upon your aura the electronic vibration of every single one of these souls and also their faces and you will go up and down the earth and around this planet and find these souls and you will transmit the teachings. They are the shepherds that I am going to raise up.”


Guru Ma balanced had 100 percent of her personal karma in 1980. This was a tremendous victory. She spent the rest of her years holding the balance for world karma, as well as to balance any personal karma she would be making from that point forward. During the final years of her ministry, Mother was very keen on working to resolve her psychology, making amends for any harm that she had inflicted upon others and helping her students do the same.

Having achieved the balancing 100 percent of her karma in this life qualifies Mother for the initiation of the Lamb and the opening of the seven seals, which is given by Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara describes this in The Path of the Ruby Ray:

“Each initiate of the sacred fire who returns to God with one hundred percent of the light with which he has been sent forth--balanced, manifested, and expanded in the seven planes of heaven and earth—may stand where I stand, may indeed enter the secret chamber of my heart and there take the book out of my right hand, the book 'written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.'

With the recent dispensation granted by the Karmic Board that souls may take the ascension with only fifty-one percent of their karma balanced, their dharma fulfilled.... The initiation of the Lamb and the opening of the seven-sealed book is given only after the adept has balanced every jot and tittle of the Law from the ascended state.... The Son of God ascended into the fullness of the I AM THAT I AM now receives the title “the Lamb." And when he takes the book, signifying his authority to be with the Ancient of Days in Spirit and in Matter, ... he is become the fullness of the Godhead bodily in Spirit and in Matter—because he has fulfilled his fiery destiny in heaven and in earth.”



Guru Ma is best remembered for her smile, her joy, her determination, her resourcefulness, her courage and her unflinching service to life. Her flaming spirit and her motto, “Keep on keeping on,” continues to manifest through us, and her musical keynote, “Beautiful Dreamer,” draws her presence close.

The morning after her memorial service, the local paper reported,

“There was standing room only Thursday night at a memorial reception for Elizabeth Clare Prophet, longtime spiritual leader of the controversial Church Universal and Triumphant. Hundreds of people packed a ballroom at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bozeman to watch a slideshow of Prophet’s life and share memories about their experience knowing her. 'Mother gave me the skills to develop my identity, to develop my soul,' Catherine Doucas said of Prophet, whom church followers refer to as 'Mother.' 'She taught me how to really listen,' Doucas, who joined the church in 1975, said. 'I thank God everyday for the opportunity and loved the training that I got.'

People around the globe, from as far away as Africa and South America, tuned in Thursday to watch a live Webcast of Prophet’s private memorial ceremony held prior to the public reception. At least a dozen people also shared stories about Prophet. Chera Walsh, said she had left her home when she was 14 years old and found the church not long after. She said that when she first met Prophet she couldn’t name any of the countries in South America. Prophet made sure she got an education, learned about the countries, and helped raise her. Prophet also took the extra step, she said, to take her to the South American countries she’d learned about.”

As the days and years move forward, Mother's vision will live on in our hearts:

“We are a loving spiritual community that helps people attain and sustain a one-on-one relationship with God and the teaches a path of soul liberation. We celebrate and embrace the teachings of the ascended masters and the truths of the world's religions. Our community is a church of divine love and an organization that learns and grows. We share practical tools that help people live a spiritual life. we nurture and support families. We promote and foster service to others based on the understanding that we are all one. [...] We apply the teachings and use the science of the spoken word and the violet flame to bring about self-transcendence and world transformation. we honor and cultivate a guru-chela relationship with the ascended masters.”


Watch Elizabeth Clare Prophet Teach about Your Great God Self



Ascended Students of The Summit Lighthouse

The people highlighted in this section are all students of Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Most of them served on staff for many years, and all were devotees of the violet flame. Now, they serve mankind on inner planes and we can call upon the momentum they anchored while they lived on earth. Karma is far more difficult to balance on the etheric plane. The only way is to serve mankind concretely. When we call upon the help of our recently ascended brethren, we facilitate their balancing of karma. It is truly a win-win potential.

Regarding karmic percentages, Mother explained to students at Summit University that some people come to the light who are children of God and have the heart of God, but are bowed down with a very heavy karma. That karma can be so heavy that the child of God may not be able to sustain the flame or retain a relationship with the ascended masters, even after finding the teachings, simply because of the weight of that human karma.

Mother said that percentages do not tell us how much karma we have. If we were to weigh our karma in pounds, one person's fifty-one percent could be two billion pounds of karma. Another person's fifty-one percent may only be one billion pounds because everybody has a different amount of karma.

How much karma you balance depends on how much you have. If it's twenty-four or thirty-six percent, it could still be great deal more than someone else who had the same percentage. That is why it is so important to give as much violet flame as possible to transmute the load that we bear, as well as to develop a relationship with a sponsoring master. (Read more about this here.)

Our capacity to retain light is in relationship to how much karma we have and how much darkness is in our world. When people fall away from the teaching, it is because of their karma and because of their will. A person can have a huge karma, but with a determined will, can keep that karma sealed and transmuting in the violet light. In this way, a great quantity of karma does not mean the person cannot make it on the spiritual path. The master Morya said that people with a light karma and very little willpower often do not make it, whereas people with a great karma and great determination do overcome more quickly.

Some of the people featured on this site had their ascension confirmed by the Messengers. Others have passed since that time. Even though their ascension has not been confirmed by the messengers, we honor their many years of service to life and to the Brotherhood and hope that they too have ascended. In the words of Jesus, “These works shall ye do and greater works, because I go unto my Father.”

Clara Louise Kieninger

The ascended lady master Clara Louise was the first Mother of the Flame. She ascended on October 25, 1970 with 65 percent of her karma balanced. she serves at the temple of Luxor with her twin flame, Amen Bey. Her motto is “Ich dien," I serve. Clara Louise had served as a priestess of the Divine Mother on Lemuria and was also embodied as the apostle James. Her focus was always to raise up the light of the mother through discipline, purity and devotion to others. For many years, she spent several hours a day in prayer on behalf of the youth of the world. To help the youth, she chose to anchor the momentum of her ascension as a spiral of victory over Berkeley, California that blesses, heals and strengthens souls of light.


Lady Master Kristine

Lady Master Kristine was embodied as Florence Miller, and previous to that, as Saint Teresa of Avila. She worked on Mark and Mother's staff for many years, offering her tireless service to help publish the Word. Sanat Kumara said in a dictation that her path for many centuries had been one of self-sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service, which allowed her to transcend the consciousness of earth with an overflowing light of Christ consciousness.

Florence was also determined to defeat the fallen angels, especially those that had infiltrated the church. Mother commented on this when she described Florence's transition. Florence ascended on September 20, 1979 with 65 percent of her karma balanced. Her husband, Tom, described her: “She was balanced, beautiful, a great servant of light. The fervor of her dedication to the cause of world freedom and enlightenment set a high standard for all to emulate. Her devotion to God was a rare gift. It told me she had touched the hem of Christ's garment.”


Mary Lou Majerus

This student of Mark and Elizabeth ascended with 61 percent of her karma balanced.
She is featured in the book, On Fire for God.

Ruth Hawkins

Ruth Hawkins ascended with 61 percent of her karma balanced and now holds the title of goddess of beauty. Read more about her here.

Warren Carter

Warren Carter made his ascension with 54 percent of his karma balanced and his ascension plume is anchored over the city of Bozeman, Montana.


Alice Boscoe

Alice Boscoe made her ascension with 78 percent of her karma balanced. She is featured in the book, On Fire for God and is best remembered by a picture taken in a cathedral where you can clearly see an ascending spiral of light all around her.

Ruth Farnam

Ruth Farnum ascended with 79 percent of her karma balanced.

Patricia Johnson

Patricia Johnson ascended with 54 percent of her karma balanced.

Ella Amber

Ella Amber ascended with 55 percent of her karma balanced.

Helen Ries

Helen Ries ascended with 60 percent of her karma balanced.

Paul O' Neal

Paul O'Neal ascended with 77 percent of his karma balanced. He was a a very steadfast, serene and gentle soul.

Buela Heaney

Buela Heaney, “Lady Beatitude” ascended with 51 percent of her karma balanced. She spent several months in the retreats after her passing to finalize the fifty-one percent and make her ascension.

Leon E.A. Chagnon

Leon E.A. Chagnon ascended with 73 percent of his karma balanced.


George Lancaster

George Lancaster,“Sir Grandpeer” ascended with 65 percent of his karma balanced.

Carol Hedgpeth

Carol Hedgpeth, knighted Sir Valiant, ascended with 70 percent of his karma balanced.

Persis McDonald

Persis Mc Donald ascended with 57 percent of her karma balanced. She was the first ascension in the church. Mark Prophet said he had never met someone who could hold on to higher consciousness as well as she could. She was a shining star and quickly made her ascension.

Helen McDonald

Helen Mc Donald ascended with 53 percent of her karma balanced.


Denny Cree

Denny Cree ascended with 68 percent of his karma balanced.

Iva Cree

Iva Cree ascended with 53 percent of her karma balanced.


Ruth Jones

Ruth Jones ascended with 68 percent of her karma balanced.


Sidney Jones

Sidney Jones ascended with 68 percent of his karma balanced.

Margarite Baker

Margarite Baker ascended with 60 percent of her karma balanced.

Margarite Wurtsbauth

Margarite Wurtsbauth ascended with 54 percent of her karma balanced.


More Ascended Students and
Candidates for the Ascension

The legacy left by the students below will have, for all intents and purposes, qualified them for the ascension. Most of these students made their transition after Elizabeth Clare Prophet retired. As a result, we did not receive a confirmation of each one's ascension nor do we have karmic percentages. The confirmation must come then, from within our heart.

For some, an ascension takes place immediately following the laying down of the physical body. Others have to prepare for a number of weeks, months and even years on inner levels before their soul can be wed permanently to God. To access the gifts of the causal bodies of these ones, we can call upon their Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self.

This list is by no means exclusive and we look forward to adding many more names to it in coming years

Sigrid Carlson

Sigrid Carlson served the messengers for many years and was the director of the Washington, D.C. teaching center. She balanced the blue ray of God's will with the pink ray of God's love, and exemplified the qualities of love, discipline, determination, diplomacy, and compassion that won many hearts. The Great Divine Director spoke of her service in a dictation that is published in the thirtieth Keepers of the Flame lesson. He said,

“ I would speak now of our beloved Sigrid, who has walked this path of love. Beloved hearts, I introduce to you one who is known as the Friend of the Messengers. This blessed soul of light has earned a great reward by certain virtues and service which are plain for all to see. I would dwell upon this for a moment because so many think of so many other things to do apart from keeping the flame. The holding of the flame of this sanctuary and teaching center has been in her heart and through her heart and through her service. But long before this, early in the mission of the messengers, she became the staunch and true and loyal guardian of their flame, their mission and their integrity.”

Following the dictation, Mother shared that Sigrid wrote the words to the song, “All Hail, Mighty Serapis Bey!” and that she was an initiate of Luxor. In a biographical sketch about her, we read: “Those who have witnessed her light and attainment testify to her precision and efficiency, always complemented by a true humility and compassionate heart. One student described her as, 'the most dedicated chela and best manager I've ever seen!' On July 4, 1979, beloved Lanello honored Sigrid as the one 'who holds a lamp for all the nation, bright and burning, in Washington.' The highlight of her life, she says, has been 'finding the teachings and serving the messengers--without question it has been my greatest joy!'”

Kenneth McNeel “Laugh-A-Lot”

Kenneth McNeel was a friend and staunch supporter of Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and had shared many past lives with them. He and Mark loved to wrestle. Mark would tackle him and they would work off some old karma that way. Kenneth, affectionately known as “Uncle Ken" accompanied the messengers to the Holy Land and many other places. Mark told him that he had been embodied as King “Tut,” the young Egyptian pharaoh who was Ikhnaton's son. He was also head of a landscaping crew for Louis the XIV at Versailles. Jokingly, Mark told Kenneth that when he ascended, his ascended master name would be “Laugh-a-lot.”


Uncle Ken had a relationship with the ascended masters long before he met Mark and Elizabeth and recounts how as a young man, Saint Germain appeared to him on a train ride through Europe. He was also able to see and work with gnomes and elementals, who eagerly responded to him. Uncle Ken made his transition in August of 2009. The year before, he had moved to the town of Mount Shasta. He told friends at the time that he was going to Shasta to make his ascension. It would come as no surprise if Uncle Ken was serving with Fun Wey, in Eriel's retreat over Arizona, where he spent many of his last years, lending his assistance to the elementals and gently reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously. For like El Morya said, “A twinkle of mirth is needed on earth.”

Mother Caspari

Elisabeth Caspari was the friend and student of Maria Montessori, now ascended. She spent her life building schools and heralding the Montessori message to the world. Elisabeth was always interested in mystical teachings and in the masters of the Far East. As a young woman, she traveled to India and was given to hold the ancient manuscripts that testified that Jesus had been there. Her journey is recorded by Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the bestselling book, The Lost Years of Jesus.

Mother Caspari moved to Montana after she found the teachings of the ascended masters to be close to Elizabeth Clare Prophet and to train students in the true message of Maria Montessori, which is first and foremost spiritual in nature.

Mother Caspari shared that she had been embodied as Elisabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. In that life, she and Mother Mary worked together to develop and anchor the holistic training for John and Jesus that Maria Montessori tapped into two thousand years later, under the guidance of Mother Mary. When Mother Caspari met Maria Montessori at the onset of this life and was trained by her in what has come to be called the Montessori method, she also tapped into the attainment she had anchored in her life as Elisabeth. Indeed, the cycle had come full circle.

Today, Mother Caspari works closely with children, parents and educators and many can attest to her benevolent presence. Her motto is, “Love is the key!” Mother Caspari undoubtedly serves with Mother Mary and Maria Montessori to help expand the Christ education of the youth around the world. Read more about the spiritual foundations behind the legacy of Mother Caspari and Maria Montessori on this website.


Liv Hoiland

Liv Hoiland was a Norwegian student of Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and a devotee of Mother Mary. She developed a powerful healing method to help students accelerate their four lower bodies into the light. Liv radiated an extreme peace, beauty, light and goodwill wherever she went. She was always reminding people to focus on their Mighty I AM Presence. She was also very close to the Tibetan people and believed she had recently embodied there. Liv left us all too soon, yet those who knew and loved her can still feel her motherly flame. This picture captured the ascension spiral around Liv.

Rebecca Lorenz

Rebecca Lorenz was a longtime staff member of the Summit Lighthouse. As a young adult, she became a nun, and later a mother superior. She left her vocation as a nun after she found the teachings of the ascended masters. This was not an easy decision for her, but she knew the ascended masters would provide her soul with all of the answers she had been yearning for, and confirmed her innate belief in reincarnation. Elizabeth Clare Prophet told Rebecca that she would make her ascension at the conclusion of this life. There is no doubt that she is one with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


Hans Roing

Hans Roing joined The Summit Lighthouse after graduating from college and served there until he unexpectedly passed away in the spring of 2009. Hans loved mountaineering, patriotic causes and taking a stand for truth. He was staunchly devoted to the mission of bringing these teachings to the world and worked on the multimedia team at the Royal Teton Ranch. Though Hans had a heavy workload and was burdened from time to time, he never let this show, flashing his beaming smile instead at everyone he met. Another quality Hans had was that he never said a bad word about anyone.

Hans had videotaped our wedding back in 1998 and created a beautiful video that my family cherishes. During his memorial service, when the final meditation song was played, “I Vow to Thee My Country,” a tremendous light descended upon us. To my surprise and great delight, I heard Hans in my inner ear saying, “I was there for your wedding. Now you are here for mine!” I will never forget that moment, and I have no doubt that Hans' marriage to Christ has left a flame with us that is perhaps anchored over Electric Peak, the mountain he so loved to climb, under the Retreat of the Divine Mother.

Herbert Beigel

Herbert Beigel had been a student of the I AM Movement for many years, before he joined the Summit Lighthouse. A devoted chela of the ascended master Saint Germain, Herbert served for many years as the right hand man of Lotus, the messenger for the I AM Movement. He loved to tell the story of how, with other I AM students, he kept a vigil and decreed every single night for four years during World War II. Together, they invoked the violet flame to transmute world karma and shorten the duration of the war, never missing a session.

Herbert knew more ascended master teachings than almost anyone around and radiated their light in his aura. Herbert's favorite expression was “It has no power.” Whenever he was confronted with what he said was the appearance of a problem, he refused to be brought down by it.

Herbert Beigel was quite a character, highly opinionated, exceedingly devoted, and had a heart of gold. Herbert loved to wear pastel suits, jeweled rings that he designed and a royal blue felt top hat. He also built a replica of the atomic accelerator, in answer to a request made by the master David Lloyd during a dictation. The atomic accelerator is a chair in Saint Germain's Cave of Symbols that quickens the atomic vibration of the human body, raising physical flesh atoms into the divine purity and structure of the electronic, or higher vehicle. As seen with the unascended masters, this body remains forever, eternally youthful, beautiful, strong, perfect and free from the limitations of time and space. The chair also balances mental and emotional states and was used on Atlantis to heal criminally-minded people.

We can ask to be taken to the Cave of Symbols to sit in the chair in our finer body, while our physical body sleeps. During his dictation, David Lloyd also asked for a gold chair to be placed before the altar, to be charged with one percent of the charge of the atomic accelerator found in the retreat, so that students could have a physical experience of the currents.

Several years later, Herbert was determined to build his own replica of the atomic accelerator so that students might be able to continue benefiting from that dispensation. He built a golden chair according to the descriptions found in The Magic Presence and kept it in his altar room. Herbert seemed to personally benefit from the chair because year after year, for at least ten years, he seemed to look younger. During the last years of Herbert's life, the chair was brought to Summit Lighthouse conferences and many people took the opportunity to sit in it.

When Herbert attended his first Summit Lighthouse conference, Elizabeth Clare Prophet spotted him in the back of the room. She said there was so much light in his aura that she had to know who he was. They remained friends for many years, and Elizabeth always went out to dinner with Herbert when she came to Chicago. There is no doubt that today, Herbert is one again with Saint Germain, Guru Ma, Lotus and Godre, and sits right alongside them when we replay their dictations.

Marilyn Barrick

Marilyn Barrick served Mother for many years as a psychologist, minister and “messenger of the messenger.” For most of her years on staff, Marilyn had the job of relaying to people the messages that came from Mother, or from the masters through Mother, for their lifestreams. These messages were not always pleasing to the human personality and Marilyn had to develop a thick “coat of blue” to withstand the negative reaction that often came back upon her from the other person's lesser self.

Marilyn is a chela of the master Kuthumi and in the last years of her life, she started to show more of her pink side, which is divine love. Her books on spiritual psychology convey much of the wisdom that she anchored in her counseling profession, and were her last assignment from the master Kuthumi. It would come as no surprise if at inner levels today, Marilyn still serves as “messenger to the messengers” to balance the remainder of her karma. Perhaps we can best remember her by the words of this song,

“ I'll find you and know you among the good and true
When a robe of white is given for the faded coat of blue.”

Maria Scoble

Maria Scoble was an Austrian native who served with Mother for many years. She is best remembered for her love of beauty and her great joy flame. After Maria left staff, she opened an esoteric bookstore in Livingston and so touched the people of the town that upon her passing, they raised money to erect a monument in her memory. Perhaps Maria chose to anchor a portion of her flame over Livingston, as she was so well loved there. It is also likely that she is working closely with the Lanello at his Retreat above the Rhine.

Mary Florence Duncan

Mary Duncan was a student of the ascended master teachings who spent the last years of her life in Bozeman, Montana. She was very close to Jesus and had a beautiful, sweet and peaceful presence that everyone who attended the teaching center very much appreciated.

Esta Buckland

Esta Buckland was a student of the ascended masters. She was close to Mother for many years and beloved by many students in Paradise Valley. She has a beautiful witness on the “Mark and Mother” website called “Ninety-eight and more work to do!” This witness was written when Esta was 98 years old.

Evelyn Dykman

Evelyn Dykman wrote her autobiography, Sweet Mystery of Life, while she was in her nineties, which celebrates the masters, the messengers and their teachings. She autographed the book with these sacred words: “I have found the way, I AM the way, Sanat Kumara.”

Rev. Timothy Connor reviewed her book and said, “Herein lies a mother's comfort and counsel, filled with inspiring, exciting stories and practical keys for living a spiritual life.” Rev. Gene Vosseler witnessed to it as well, “This beautiful autobiography touches us at the deepest levels of our being because it is written from the level of her soul.” And Norman Millman wrote that “It is the tender story of a soul who has served and continues to serve the brethren in the name of Christ's love.” May we all learn to walk in her footsteps.



Adolphus Glenn

Adolphus Glenn was a photographer for the Summit Lighthouse with a very cheerful and gentle flame. He loved to photograph Mother. The last pictures he took before his passing were beautiful pictures of Mother with her son, Seth. He also created four magnificent prints of the Lord Maha Chohan by using a special process with copper. Mother used this print on the high altar of the church for many years.

Jean Baures

Jean Baures worked on staff for many years and helped to finalize the Pearls of Wisdom CD-Rom, that contains all of the printed dictations of the masters between 1958 and 1997, and is hopefully still available from The Summit Lighthouse. Jean made her transition in a car accident less than a month after the project was completed.

Guy Hudson

Guy Hudson served the messengers for many years and was very devoted to the master Morya. He had a great joy flame, constancy, peace and humility. He served closely with the elementals. Many people believe that he ascended.



Ruth Bolton

Ruth Bolton was a sweetheart who served the Summit Lighthouse for many years. A week or so before her passing, she said that she was "ready to go home."



A Special Dispensation

Leo Harth lived in the community of Glastonbury founded by Elizabeth. He was peripherally involved in the teachings, but faithfully recited a rosary to Mother Mary every day. When Leo passed on, he had balanced less than 51 percent of his karma. Instead of having to reincarnate, Leo received a special dispensation from Darjeeling. He was allowed to share with unascended students what he had learned since his transition about the reality of life on the “other side,” as well as the importance of applying the teachings and making your ascension. The masters hoped that students might strongly benefit from these observations, coming from an unascended brother who had walked among them, who was “very human” and who was quickly learning the spiritual ropes, so to speak.

Leo communicated three sets of questions and answers about life, the retreats and the reality of God to his wife, Patricia Kirdman, who is still in embodiment. She compiled them into a book, Messages from Heaven, that is timely, touching, transcendent and also covers mundane subjects like the passing of Princess Diana and dealing with the economy. The book is a great read, and the more people who benefit from it, the quicker Leo can balance karma from inner levels and finally qualify as a candidate for the ascension.

Order Here

Valerie Rawlings

Valerie Rawlings worked on the Messengers' editorial staff for many years and was a staunch devotee of the masters and a lover of the Word. She continually expressed her gratitude for the teachings of the ascended masters and all that we had received.

Thomas Mosser

Thomas Mosser was passionmate about saving America and removing corruption at the federal, stae and local levels. A true patriot of freedom and an extraordinarily courageous soul.


Marge Bouma

Marge Bouma was a devoted keeper of the flame from the time of Mark Prophet all the way to the end of her life.


Alberta Chang


Alberta Chang is a devotee of the buddha, who passed his flame, his love and his smiling presence on to the many children that she worked with.


Dorothy Lee Fulton, Messenger of Music

Dorothy Lee Fulton was a friend who brought forth Mother Mary's music of the spheres. This witness by Alex Reichardt describes her well. She is shown here, holding a picture of the Russian students to her heart.

“My first conference was in 1964 at the Dodge House in Washington D.C. This was the day that Mark announced, “God had sent someone to draw down the Music of the Spheres.” When Dorothy Lee heard that, she knew Mark was talking about her. In those days we used to call her Lynda Leonard. She said that was kind of a pet name she had. Dorothy Lee said she had been writing music all her life for as long as she could remember.

She was very close to both Messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. She and Mother even celebrated their birthdays together, Dorothy Lee was born on April 3 and Mother on April 8.

She wouldn’t take money from the church. Instead she donated — sometimes large sums — that allowed the Pearls of Wisdom to be mailed out in the early days when the church didn’t have the funds. She also gave money for staff men to go out and buy proper attire for services since they couldn’t afford it themselves.

In the beginning, Dorothy Lee conducted services in Little Rock, Arkansas and had a nice group with several serious devotees. It was a heartache for her when she left to join staff and no one would step up to the plate and keep the group going.

One time she and Mother were together when someone started speaking sharply to Dorothy Lee. Mother defending her, responded, “You may not speak to her in that manner. She is my beloved.” This gave Dorothy Lee much comfort to hear that coming from her Guru and it was a source of strength in the fulfillment of her mission.

One time I asked her how she goes about drawing down the Music of the Spheres. She said it’s like going down a cosmic highway and along the way these melodies come to her.

Her musical inspiration bordered on the miraculous. She recounted how “Waltzing in the Sunset” (song 816) came about. This was back in 1979. She was sitting in the choir loft at the Chapel of the Holy Grail in Camelot. Saint Germain was dictating through Mother when suddenly a beam of light from the Master’s heart came out towards her. In that split second she received the lilting violet flame song, “Waltzing in the Sunset” from Saint Germain, heart to heart, and internalized the entire composition.

Realizing the transcendent gift she had just received, she cautioned those around her not to speak to her lest it break her fine attunement with the Master and lose this beautiful piece. She rushed home - and wrote it all down –every note and word. It had all come back to her like the replay of a precious moment being suspended in cosmos.

So when you sing this piece, remember that this is a love song from the heart of Saint Germain through Dorothy Lee, Messenger of Music, composed for twin flames as a love tryst.

Dorothy Lee received her commission from Mother Mary in a dictation in King Arthur’s Court. But there was so much opposition, she almost didn’t make it. Then Mother phoned and made a powerful call at the altar for her. That enabled her to drive down to the ranch where she was ushered onto the stage. Dorothy Lee told me how Mother Mary had placed a ring of Light over her head for protection.

Mother Mary told Dorothy Lee that she takes each piece of music sung by the choir and multiplies it a million times. And Dorothy Lee would always affirm that this music was not hers but Mother Mary’s music that came through her. She was merely the vessel.

Her whole life was transformed when Mark played matchmaker by getting her to marry her childhood sweetheart, Milton. This was to be a turning point in her life. The marriage taught her many things, including love. Not just human love but the love of the Guru. Milton was also the instrument through which the Masters provided Dorothy Lee with a lifetime income.

About two years ago Dorothy Lee told me that she had such a burning sensation in her legs that sometimes she couldn’t get out of bed. Mark Prophet had the same experience before he ascended. I would witness this when I worked on his feet to help him relax. The Masters have told us that this is the fire of the ascension current.

She was very grateful for all the love she felt from so many souls of light in so many places and for these wondrous teachings. She was also very appreciative of the dedication and hard work of the members of the choir, many dear friends throughout the years that she had a love tie with and for Charles and Miriam Barker for helping her as she grew older and was not able to get around. She even said she thought of them as her own children. Sometimes, during some of her darkest hours when it seemed as though she could not take another step, they were there encouraging her and assisting her to keep on keeping on.”

Dorothy Lee's music is available through www.cosmicportals.org. She has also written down many of her miraculous experiences.



Annice Booth


Annice Booth was a long time student of Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. She helped complie and publish many books for The Summit lighthouse, including the book, The Masters and the Retreats, The Path of the Ascension and Memories of Mark. She was known to be a stalwart chela of the fourth ray of purity and discipline.

Orlando Edward Johnson


Orlando Johnson was one of those people who had a great sense of personal striving and overcoming and a great generosity. He felt very close to the buddha Amitabbha. Orlando did whatever was the need of the hour. He worked for many years as a corporate economist and with the Strategic Defense Initiative. He loved children, home cooking and made a personal rendition of the song On Top of Old Smokey as On Top of Spaghetti meatballs and all.

For Orlando, a poem by Therese Emmanuel Grey

It may look like you sleep in your radiant white garments
But I know you’re right here by our side.
Though your body lies still as the snow and the ice
Your soul sings with eternal heart fire.
For inside every snowflake lies a spark that is gleaming,
And inside every crystal of ice;
Diamond fires of Alpha-Omega are glowing
Filling hearts with the deepest delight.
Go before us, Orlando! Your journey now beckons,
And prepare ye the way till we come.
We love you dear brother, dear father and teacher.
We’ll miss you, though we know you’re not gone.
The river is wide; we cannot yet cross over,
So we wave to you now from this shore.
The boat has been waiting, angel wings have been guarding
It’s your time now to step on and board.
Bon voyage, mon ami! The best part lies ahead:
Quite a holy adventure you’ll see—
Shining faces of Morya, Jesus, Mary, Hilarion
Sweetly waiting for you now my dear.
Many happy returns, for Serapis does beckon
On to Luxor! Dearest friend, yes, vondir!
Almost breathless we wait for your soul’s grand reunion
With the Mighty I AM you will be.
May our love now go with thee, with our love may you soar—
Be free, dear Orlando, fly free!
Say hello to our Father, to our Mother and brethren
Who welcome you now eagerly.
Then when you’re the most recent ascended master,
Won’t you come back and show us the way?
Such a grand thing it’ll be for a jolly good fellow
To escort us to God’s golden gate!